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They understand the importance of Ripple opening a new office in China.The company has not shied away from doing the difficult work of bank adoption.My understanding of this is that rippling should always be disabled except in some rare and probably almost entirely theoretical cases.If you want to make money in the altcoin market, it can be done.Also, you need to initially deposit 50 XRP, the internal currency at Ripple, to make the account usable.The landscape now is very different post-ethereum, but some people here have not caught up.

Because of the size of this asset, the current worth of Ripple (the company) will necessarily include the current market value of the token, multiplied by its holdings.They will then place any unused portion back into escrow for another 55 months. 15.The same could not have been possible for ethereum since there was so much attention around it.Its one of the most popular coins because banks have the money to make it that way.I was rather fond of its market order matching mechanism, and coupled with its system of tokens and gateways, it made for a rather interesting approach to token exchanges.

I originally thought the dips were sensible pullback, or related to issues on Polo, but looking now it seems that while Polo DDOS had an effect, the dips correspond even more closely with events on Coincheck (disabling then re-enabling XRP).One could ask the same of anyone who takes a company public. why do an IPO.Centralised private currencies have failed many times before and will always do so because the state hates competition, and if it can crush it, will.They got fined for some FinCen violations, added some annoying KYC thing on their user wallets, then soon after closed their user wallet product altogether and focused on courting financial companies.

Current fiat prices for Ripple (XRP) crypto with volume, trading pairs and historical cryptocurrency information across all exchanges.Mention Bitcoin to anybody in traditional financial circles, and you will see it.The lesson here is that there is (likely dumb) money in the alt markets.On August 11, 2017, Bitfinex made an announcement with respect to certain of our services provided to U.S. individuals.Re: Ripple Speculation total, 14 participants attended a panel leading up to a.

And none have the ability to promote bank adoption with their foundation nest eggs.

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If you have been using a DNotes, you will be glad to know that DNotes has recently announced DNotes 2.0 upgrade along with the launch of its new Bitcointalk Forum.Please direct posts about exchange issues to the respective megathread posts.

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Ripple created the Interledger Protocol (ILP) to connect all ledgers together.I have no idea if either ripple or ethereum will be up long term.

People (like you) constantly mix up RCL (a decentralized exchange), XRP (the native token on RCL) and Ripple Connect (the ILP implementation sold to banks).The claims of a super awesome consensus mechanism impervious to 51% attacks always felt very weird, and the fact that the ripple network only ever consisted of a few trusted nodes controlled by Ripple Labs, that Joe Public was feeding from without ever being part of the consensus did little to comfort me.Ripple Labs pre-mined their coins and kept them for themselves, whereas the EF pre-mined their coins and sold them.

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Imagine if the most valuable companies in the world were just a bunch of prediction websites and gambling sites.These eastern countries see XRP for what it is: the product of a respected, large, and growing company whose technology banks are adopting.

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You need to improve your English if you want to be understood by intelligent people.Then they pre-mined those coins and whoever wanted to buy them did so.Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

First, try to understand the criticisms, before blindly rushing in to defend your favorite shitcoin.

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Posts that are solely comprised of memes, irrelevant youtube videos or similar.Also, the company would likely give out XRP to its employees instead of stock options (or give the choice) and most employees would probably have taken XRP, especially once it started to grow.Many Large banks implemented Ripple and actually start to use it (BBVA, one of the top 50 largest banks in the world, is using Ripple to enable real-time payments between Europe and Mexico.).There are also some threads about ripple on reddit and on bitcointalk. V1.10

Also, if you were part of the Foundation, why not just buy in your own ICO.

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Ripple is partnering with Crypto Facilities, a leader in digital asset derivatives, to create a marketplace for XRP derivatives.Blockchain Exchange Bitsane Introduces Ripple Trading at Consensus. com announced the addition of XRP (Ripple).Well, turns out in this universe, there is something that has the worst of these two.